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We and our partners provide consulting and training to improve economic, environmental and social business performance of our customers.

We assist to develop and sustain competitiveness by enhancing Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability strategies and processes, delivering integrated Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) Systems, and providing professional seminars focusing on topics such as

  • arranging the processes of your organization to meet the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)
  • calculating the emissions according to GHG Protocol and
  • preparing and disclosing reports that transparently and reliably communicate your performance


We offer both sector and corporate specific training, tailored based on the needs of the participants. For example, we have organized Finance sector specific responsibility reporting training, which focused on the topics especially relevant for organizations operating in the finance sector, such as banks, insurance companies and investors.

In the corporate specific training, the focus will be defined based on the needs of the organization. The topics may vary from the basics of sustainability reporting to integrating environmental management into day-to-day operations, or workshops to revise sustainability strategies.

Please, do not hesitate to ask our experts for more information:

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The pilot version is fully functional, including a pre-configured setup and sample reports.

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