Tofuture CSM to meet the new GRI Standards

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Tofuture CSM to meet the new GRI Standards

The Global Reporting Initiative – GRI –  has launched new GRI Standards presenting a new best practice in sustainability reporting.

The GRI Standards are based on the G4 Guidelines and have minimal impact on the reporting process. The G4 Guidelines and G4 Implementation Manual have been restructured in a new modular structure which is easier to update and develop according the evolving needs. Link to the GRI website:

“We are a registered Organizational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and support the mission of the GRI to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines through a global, multi-stakeholder process.”

There are three universal standards: Foundation (GRI 101) for reporting principles, content and quality, General Disclosures (GRI 102) for reporting practices and Management Approach (GRI 103) to describe how the organization manages its material topics.

There are also three series of topic specific standards, organized in Economic (GRI 200), Environmental (GRI 300) and Social (GRI 400) series, 33 standards all in all. These contain reporting requirements, recommendations and guidance. Organizations will select and use only relevant topic specific Standards based on their material topics.

The existing GRI G4 Guidelines remain in effect until 1.7.2018 but it is recommended to move over to the new GRI Standards before that date.

Tofuture CSM supports the new GRI Standards as of today and the CSM content will be edited according to the Standards latest in the next releases.

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