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From Corporate Responsibility and Reporting to Integrated Sustainability Management

Tofuture Sustainability Academy offers a learning path from introduction of Corporate Responsibility and Reporting to professional topics of Integrated Sustainability Management. The GRI Guidelines are the dominating framework for disclosing information about the economic, environmental and social performance. They support United Nations Global Compact, EU’s non-financial and diversity information Directive and various other standards and recommendations.

Tofuture is a GRI Certified Training Partner and the GRI Certified Training Program is now offered in Finland and Norway.

The Advanced Training focuses on professional topics on collecting, analyzing and utilizing data and information related to sustainability, and turning it into efficient processes.

In addition to the Advanced Training, Tofuture Sustainability Academy offers various tailored company or sector specific training alternatives.
Tofuture Sustainability Academy Experts have significantly experience in consulting sustainability strategies, identifying material aspects and selecting relevant key performance indicators, and assisting in reporting processes. Our experts have gained deep knowledge of GRI and its sector supplements, Carbon Disclosure Project requirements, local legislation in the industrialized countries and practices of assurance based on AA1000 standard.


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