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Tofuture CSM offers a lot of Features to help you succeed in your efforts

CSM is the link between sustainability management and shareholder value. That means creating value for the company and, at the same time, taking care of the sustainability compliance.

Support of Management Processes

CSM supports other management information systems and secures the performance of the sustainability activities in the company. Reporting and management is similar to the financial management process and will be done monthly or quarterly depending on how to measure the KPI’s.

Analytical Reporting

CSM delivers all the information for reporting in an analytic way. In addition to the annual sustainability reporting there are several other regular or ad hoc reporting needs which can be managed based on the same information.


Secured Data Quality

CSM improves good governance by providing accurate and reliable information for financial and non-financial development to the management. Controlled processes for data collecting and analysis secure better data quality also from the supply chain.

Overview over Operational Performance

CSM improves strategic risk management by allowing the company to have an overview of its operational performance. Possible differences to norms and targets will be found and corrections can be made before major problems occur.

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Supports various Standards

CSM meets the content and processes according to various standards like Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 and GRI Standards, the United Nations Global Compact UNGC, ISO 14000/26000 and the Greenhouse Gas GHG-Protocol.

Turn Strategies and Policies into Actions

CSM helps the work of a Sustainability Manager who is responsible for the process, the reports and the information. The sustainability management system converts company strategy and policies into actions.

Additional Features

Tofuture CSM is filled with additional features making it a state of the art sustainability management solution


Order a fully functional CSM Pilot!

The pilot version is fully functional, including a pre-configured setup and sample reports.

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