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CSM Software: An easy-to-use software, that helps you to collect, manage, analyze and report sustainability related data efficiently, transparently and in the right time.

Not many tools, but only one tool. Tofuture CSM (Corporate Sustainability Management) software is build to cover all sustainability management tasks within a company and goes even beyond. CSM has been developed for sustainability data collection, analysis and reporting including both, non-financial and financial information. Our solution is a web-based software solution (SaaS) enabling high flexibility and opportunity to customize the solution according to our customers’ needs.

CSM GRI Standards content is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) organization and it also supports United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and several other sustainability related standards, recommendations and regulations. It allows to choose Key Performance Indicators KPIs from the GRI Index or creating company specific indicators when needed. It is the tool to meet the EU Directive’s requirements in the most effective way.

Tofuture CSM lets you Collect, Manage, Analyze and Report your Sustainability Data.

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Tofuture CSM provides the main processes required by a modern sustainability management solution


Tofuture collects data from different sources and can use predefined GRI Indicators or company specific KPIs. The data entry of the various KPIs can be adapted to the needs – monthly – quarterly – yearly and can be done via an easy and clear web interface from everywhere.

  • Indicator Selection and Definitions

  • Calculation of Rules and Parameters

  • Reporting Process Optimization
Tofuture CSM Screenshot in Browser II
Tofuture CSM Screenshot in Browser II


Tofuture CSM allows complete control over the data collection process to ensure consisted and auditable data quality throughout all KPIs. Customizable Dashboards complement a holistic management approach for a sustainability management solution.

  • Data Form and Collecting

  • User Guidance

  • Audit Trail and Data Validation

Convince yourself of the versatile opportunities Tofuture CSM can add to your company

Order a fully functional CSM pilot! The pilot version is fully functional, including a pre-configured setup and sample reports.

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Custom Reports, Qlik View Engine  and a powerful chart engine and an powerful analyzing engine allow deep analysis of your data for more than just sustainability reporting efforts. With Tofuture CSM real sustainability management can be achieved.

  • Data Consolidation and Analysis
Tofuture CSM Screenshot in Browser II
Tofuture CSM Screenshot in Browser II


Tofuture CSM has been configured to meet the needs for all relevant sustainability standards in terms of content and processes. Besides the complete catalogue of relevant KPIs for the GRI Standards and the United Nations Global Compact, CDP ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 and the GHG Protocol are reportable from within one system.

  • Reporting according to selected Standards and Regulations
  • Stakeholder and ESG Information
  • Management Support
  • Strategy Development

Additional Features

Tofuture CSM is filled with additional features making it a state of the art sustainability management solution

CSM is perfectly suited to adapt to various remits

As the fields of activity for sustainability manager emerge you need a system that can handle this development. Tofuture CSM is perfectly suited to cope with all current and future task you can think of for your sustainability management.

CSM helps in defining processes for sustainability management and reporting according to relevant standards and in implementing those processes in practice
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CSM supports the sustainability accounting and reporting process and enables a standard based, auditable and controlled process.
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CSM has multiple tools for supporting the local or corporate wide sustainability performance management efforts and linkage to financial performance
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CSM supports the GHG accounting and inventory creation and calculation based on WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol.
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Order a fully functional CSM Pilot!

The pilot version is fully functional, including a pre-configured setup and sample reports.

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