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2. Tofuture Oy yhtiökokous 25.6.2020_Äänestyslomake KUTSU VARSINAISEEN YHTIÖKOKOUKSEEN Tofuture Oy:n osakkeenomistajat kutsutaan varsinaiseen yhtiökokoukseen, joka pidetään torstaina 25.6.2020 klo 16 alkaen. Yhtiön hallitus on päättänyt poikkeuksellisesta kokousmenettelystä eduskunnan 24.4.2020 hyväksymän väliaikaisen lainsäädännön nojalla. Covid-19-pandemian leviämisen rajoittamiseksi varsinainen yhtiökokous järjestetään ilman osakkeenomistajien tai näiden asiamiesten läsnäoloa kokouspaikalla osoitteessa Ludviginkatu 6, 00130 Helsinki, jotta yhtiökokous voidaan järjestää [...]

Muutoksia Tofuturen johdossa

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2018 kesän ja alkusyksyn aikana Tofuture Oy:n johdossa on tapahtunut huomattavia muutoksia.  Yrityksen pitkäaikainen toimitusjohtaja Veli Kalle Tavakka on siirtynyt eläkkeelle 14.6.2018 ja uudeksi toimitusjohtajaksi on nimitetty kauppatieteiden maisteri Outi Aaltonen. Outi tuli Tofutureen järjestelmä-ja yritysvastuukonsultiksi vuonna 2016. Hän on ollut mukana rakentamassa ja  kehittämässä asiakasyhteisöjen tiedonkeruuta ja yritysvastuuraportointia sekä tehostanut ja luonut Tofuturen sisäisiä [...]

Tofuture’s Partnership with an Integration Service Provider Youredi

By | 2018-05-31T15:29:57+00:00 May 31st, 2018|API, Integration, News|

In fall 2017 Tofuture released an open API (Application Programming Interface) module in CSM, which provides a linkage between CSM and other systems. As a continuum for the API module we proudly announce that Tofuture has started cooperation with an integration service provider Youredi ( in order to help CSM customers to automate data gathering [...]

Second Public Comment Period for the Revised GRI 303: Water Standard

By | 2018-01-02T10:10:35+00:00 January 2nd, 2018|Blog, GRI, News|

The Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) is pleased to announce a second public comment period for the revised GRI 303: Water Standard. This Standard - currently being updated through the GSSB’s formal due process - has been assessed and revised by an expert multi-stakeholder Project Working Group to reflect global best practice in water management [...]

Tofuture releases – New features for CSM

By | 2017-06-26T08:57:43+00:00 June 22nd, 2017|CSM, News, Press Release|

Sustainability management is a key part of modern business management. In response to this, Tofuture has been developing CSM, a software system for sustainability and non-financial data management and reporting now for over ten years. The need and requirements for such a system are constantly on the rise; a related EU directive has affected medium [...]

Cooperation between GRI and SASB deepens

By | 2017-06-09T15:47:40+00:00 June 5th, 2017|GRI, News, SASB, Sustainability|

Jean Rogers (CEO of SASB) and Tim Mohin (Chief Executive of GRI) published a joint article about corporate sustainability reporting; where it is heading to and what kind roles do these two different frameworks have in the field. GRI was the first sustainability reporting framework developed and today majority of companies are using it as [...]

Tofuture continues to support the ten principles of UNGC

By | 2017-05-29T12:13:13+00:00 May 29th, 2017|News, Sustainability, UNGC|

Tofuture joined UN Global Compact in 2010 and since then the 10 principles that Global Compact is based upon, has been integrated into our company culture and policy. Since joining UNGC, Tofuture has submitted its Communication on Progress report annually. The newest report for reporting year 2016 can be found on UNGC’s website

Investing for a sustainable future

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“Investors see a strong link between corporate sustainability performance and financial performance so they’re using sustainability related data as a rationale for investment decisions like never before.” "Investors Care More About Sustainability than Many Executives Believe" “Understanding investor priorities is an important responsibility for a company’s top executives and its board of directors. Based on [...]

Tofuture CSM to meet the new GRI Standards

By | 2017-11-14T12:35:53+00:00 January 3rd, 2017|CSM, News, Sustainability|

The Global Reporting Initiative - GRI -  has launched new GRI Standards presenting a new best practice in sustainability reporting. The GRI Standards are based on the G4 Guidelines and have minimal impact on the reporting process. The G4 Guidelines and G4 Implementation Manual have been restructured in a new modular structure which is easier [...]

ESG effect on Financial Performance

By | 2017-05-12T10:23:03+00:00 February 3rd, 2016|ESG, GRI, News|

The effect of Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria on Corporate Financial Performance “From the use of sustainability information in business intelligence to the actual creation of new lines of business, sustainability information isn’t just for CSR professionals. It is for investors to enable greater trust in their investments, customers in their products and services, and [...]

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